Monthly Archive: February 2012

Learning Python… Again…

Python LogoNow that the move is finished, I’ve decided to pick this back up. I started over in my book (Learn Python the Hard Way), and this time I am also using the videos on the Udemy website to try to keep me motivated. I think that I will come up with a project so that I have a goal in mind; otherwise I won’t practice outside of the book. Good luck to me! 🙂

Speaking of Christ…

During the Office of Readings from the Liturgy of the Hours yesterday, I ran across a beautiful passage written by Saint Ambrose:

It is also written: Open your lips, and let God’s word be heard. God’s word is uttered by those who repeat Christ’s teaching and meditate on his sayings. Let us always speak this word. When we speak about wisdom, we are speaking of Christ. When we speak about justice, we are speaking of Christ. When we speak about peace, we are speaking of Christ. When we speak about truth and life and redemption, we are speaking of Christ.

How wonderful it is that everything we think and say and do can be focused on Christ! That is the beauty of the Catholic faith; we are able to find Christ in day-to-day things. It is not just on Sundays that we think of Christ but every day, in all circumstances!

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus LogoI am a 1st Degree Knight at Holy Family’s Knights of Columbus Council.  Soon I will have my membership transferred to the Sacred Heart Council.  I am excited to be getting more involved with my church down here in Wichita Falls.  The Knights in Lawton really do a lot of good work for the Church and its Parishioners.  I hope the Sacred Heart Council is as active as Holy Family’s.  I am looking forward to getting my 2nd and 3rd Degrees soon!


Debian Logo

I’ve decided to switch from Ubuntu to Debian Unstable.  A couple of years back I used to use Debian exclusively, but I got a little bored with it because it always worked!  Well, I’m kind of tired of Ubuntu’s graphical issues and the strange decisions Canonical makes (though I do kind of like Unity).  I’ve made the switch to Debian and have both Gnome Shell and KDE installed.  I tend to use Gnome Shell more, and am actually starting to like it.  There are no graphical problems like Unity had (Compiz always gave me problems, even before Unity).  I think I’m pretty happy with the switch!

Catholic School??

On Sunday we went up to the local Catholic school’s Open House to see about enrolling Preston in Pre-K.  I really hope that he is accepted and that we can get some kind of financial assistance to help with the tuition.  I would really like it if we can get him (and Russell when he’s old enough) involved in the Catholic school.  I want him to get a great education and be exposed to the Catholic faith at school as well as church and home.

I filled out our diocesan financial aid application…  Wow, what a form!  I even had to attach copies of my tax return and W-2s!  At the school we were told that the diocese provides assistance, and then our church provides assistance, and after that, the school itself can offer a discount.  Hopefully we can get the tuition down to something we can afford!

Getting Involved

There has not been a whole lot of news in our family since we’ve moved, and that’s a good thing.  “No news is good news,” as it were.  We have been busy getting involved with church.  I am now in the choir, and Donna has been going to the Mom’s group.  The kids are attending “school” at church two days a week. It is kind of a Pre-Pre-K for Preston I guess, and just a chance for them to socialize and for Donna to have a few hours off.  We’re going to look into getting Preston enrolled in Pre-K at the Catholic School that our church supports, though I kind of doubt we will be able to afford it…  I accidentally started going to a Dad’s Parenting class.  I thought it was a church class, kind of a Raise Your Children Catholic type of thing, but it ended up being a state-sponsored parenting class.  Woops!  But I’m going to keep attending for now.  I like to learn!