Getting Involved

There has not been a whole lot of news in our family since we’ve moved, and that’s a good thing.  “No news is good news,” as it were.  We have been busy getting involved with church.  I am now in the choir, and Donna has been going to the Mom’s group.  The kids are attending “school” at church two days a week. It is kind of a Pre-Pre-K for Preston I guess, and just a chance for them to socialize and for Donna to have a few hours off.  We’re going to look into getting Preston enrolled in Pre-K at the Catholic School that our church supports, though I kind of doubt we will be able to afford it…  I accidentally started going to a Dad’s Parenting class.  I thought it was a church class, kind of a Raise Your Children Catholic type of thing, but it ended up being a state-sponsored parenting class.  Woops!  But I’m going to keep attending for now.  I like to learn!

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