Monthly Archive: March 2012

Poor Presty

Preston had his dentist appointment today. Poor guy, he’s gonna have to have oral surgery next month… Apparently he has an “extra” baby tooth growing in sideways underneath his other teeth. They are going to have to remove one of his other teeth to get to that one.  That sucks; his teeth are so pretty right now…

Toy Kitchen Hell

A few weeks ago Donna and I made the mistake of telling her parents that Russell just lovesthose toy kitchens. They got him one for his birthday; it was a nice-looking blue one. I decided yesterday to get it out of the box and set it up for him in the backyard.

Toy Kitchen

It looks sweet and innocent... Don't let it fool you

Two hours later, I finally finish putting the horrid thing together. If you’ve ever put together a model car, you’ll have an idea of how this thing worked. It seemed like a thousand tiny pieces all attached to each other by plastic. I had to cut each piece out with wire cutters.

My neck and arms are still sore today…

New Phones

Donna and I have switched from Boost Mobile prepaid to US Cellular postpaid. Boost was great in Lawton, but pretty lousy here in Wichita Falls.  US Cellular is a little better, though I’m not sure if it is so much better that it justifies the increased cost! I think we’ll have better reception in rural areas, though. That will make me feel better when traveling.

Beautiful, Wonderful Weekend!

I think most people would be complaining about a weekend as rainy and cool as it was.  However, since we have been in a horrible drought for over a year, I am very excited to finally start seeing some rain.  This has actually been a fairly wet winter, considering winter is usually one of our driest times here in Texoma.  With that said, yesterday’s rain was some of the best we’ve had in a long, long time.  Donna and I were laughing because she said to Russell, “You’ve never seen rain before!”  Of course she was being sarcastic, but it is actually kind of true.  He’ll be two years old tomorrow (Happy birthday Russell!), and we’ve been in a drought since about the time he was born…

Busy Saturdays…

Busy Saturdays… Oh how I love them!  We’re going to be going to a livestock show in Frederick to watch my nephew show a pig…  I remember the days;  hopefully it’s more entertaining as an adult!

Before we go there we’ll be heading over to the book fair at MSU.  Hopefully I’ll find a good book or six there.  Just in case the show is boring ;).