Monthly Archive: May 2012

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Boy the weeks have been going by like crazy!  I think that it is kind of scary how fast they go by.  When I was working at Lawton, they seemed to just drag on and on.  When you don’t care for your job, time seems to slow down… a lot!  I am so glad that I now work at Gunn.  I just wish I had better health insurance 😛

Mouth Pain…

My mouth is finally feeling better; not quite back to normal, but much better.  Preston’s, though, is still bothering him.  He had his surgery last Thursday.  He didn’t lose any teeth (not the visible ones, anyway!).  They extracted the “mean tooth.”  It was in between his baby teeth and his permanent ones, coming in kind of sideways…  The poor guy has been crying and moaning in his sleep at night the last couple of days.  Apparently that is a common reaction to the anesthesia.  I feel really bad for him though.  I think we’ve been a little too hard on him since the surgery too.  He seemed to be doing so well and so we kind of expected him to behave the same way that he had been before the surgery.  I think he was just covering up that he didn’t feel that great.  We’ll both be better this time next week!  (I hope)