Donna always says it, and it’s true… When it rains, it pours… at least in our family!  Donna had surgery to have her gallbladder removed on April 24th.  It went very well.  Donna’s mom came to look after the kids while I was waiting with and for Donna.  We were at the hospital for a long time, but she did get to go home that afternoon.  After picking up some pain meds at the pharmacy, we made it home just about supper time.

There’s more.  I’ll edit this post later…

Later Edit:

Well I found out that I am allergic (or something) to the Vitamin D supplement that my doctor told me to take.  It makes me extremely light-headed and nauseated.  It also makes me feel like I’m not getting enough air when I breathe.  In addition, I can’t seem to shut my brain down (sleep), yet I have a difficult time making my body do what I want so I appear confused.  Nasty stuff.  Anyways, I ended up in the emergency room twice.  I (and the doctors) thought I was having a reaction to my allergy meds.  I only found out later, when I started taking the Vitamin D supplements again what the real culprit was…  So, I guess I have to try to raise my Vitamin D levels the natural way… Sunlight!!!  Ahhhhh!