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Mouth Pain…

My mouth is finally feeling better; not quite back to normal, but much better.  Preston’s, though, is still bothering him.  He had his surgery last Thursday.  He didn’t lose any teeth (not the visible ones, anyway!).  They extracted the “mean tooth.”  It was in between his baby teeth and his permanent ones, coming in kind of sideways…  The poor guy has been crying and moaning in his sleep at night the last couple of days.  Apparently that is a common reaction to the anesthesia.  I feel really bad for him though.  I think we’ve been a little too hard on him since the surgery too.  He seemed to be doing so well and so we kind of expected him to behave the same way that he had been before the surgery.  I think he was just covering up that he didn’t feel that great.  We’ll both be better this time next week!  (I hope)

Notre Dame Catholic School

Preston has been accepted at Notre Dame Catholic School :).  Hopefully we’ll get some kind of financial assistance.  We’d applied for a scholarship through the Diocese, but haven’t heard anything yet.  I am excited about the possibility of providing Preston a Catholic education, and hope it is not stopped because of finances…

2012 Rattlesnake Hunt

Yesterday we met up with my brother and his wife in Waurika for the 2012 Rattlesnake Hunt. We didn’t actually hunt for snakes (I hate them, personally). It is basically a big street carnival. Preston rode a kiddie-rollercoaster, a merry-go-round, and the ferris wheel. He had a great time with Uncle Ben! He even came home with a giant stuffed monkey, which he’s currently sleeping with!


Preston Cleans…

Preston has been “cleaning” his room for about an hour and a half now. He’s not making a lot of progress… He’s mostly playing and singing. It’s hard to be mad at him, but I’m getting there.

Poor Presty

Preston had his dentist appointment today. Poor guy, he’s gonna have to have oral surgery next month… Apparently he has an “extra” baby tooth growing in sideways underneath his other teeth. They are going to have to remove one of his other teeth to get to that one.  That sucks; his teeth are so pretty right now…

Toy Kitchen Hell

A few weeks ago Donna and I made the mistake of telling her parents that Russell just lovesthose toy kitchens. They got him one for his birthday; it was a nice-looking blue one. I decided yesterday to get it out of the box and set it up for him in the backyard.

Toy Kitchen

It looks sweet and innocent... Don't let it fool you

Two hours later, I finally finish putting the horrid thing together. If you’ve ever put together a model car, you’ll have an idea of how this thing worked. It seemed like a thousand tiny pieces all attached to each other by plastic. I had to cut each piece out with wire cutters.

My neck and arms are still sore today…

Catholic School??

On Sunday we went up to the local Catholic school’s Open House to see about enrolling Preston in Pre-K.  I really hope that he is accepted and that we can get some kind of financial assistance to help with the tuition.  I would really like it if we can get him (and Russell when he’s old enough) involved in the Catholic school.  I want him to get a great education and be exposed to the Catholic faith at school as well as church and home.

I filled out our diocesan financial aid application…  Wow, what a form!  I even had to attach copies of my tax return and W-2s!  At the school we were told that the diocese provides assistance, and then our church provides assistance, and after that, the school itself can offer a discount.  Hopefully we can get the tuition down to something we can afford!

Getting Involved

There has not been a whole lot of news in our family since we’ve moved, and that’s a good thing.  “No news is good news,” as it were.  We have been busy getting involved with church.  I am now in the choir, and Donna has been going to the Mom’s group.  The kids are attending “school” at church two days a week. It is kind of a Pre-Pre-K for Preston I guess, and just a chance for them to socialize and for Donna to have a few hours off.  We’re going to look into getting Preston enrolled in Pre-K at the Catholic School that our church supports, though I kind of doubt we will be able to afford it…  I accidentally started going to a Dad’s Parenting class.  I thought it was a church class, kind of a Raise Your Children Catholic type of thing, but it ended up being a state-sponsored parenting class.  Woops!  But I’m going to keep attending for now.  I like to learn!

Making Ourselves at Home

We’ve been living in Wichita Falls now for a full week (and a couple of days).  I really like the new house we’re renting.  It’s an older home, built in the 1920s, but it’s pretty comfortable.  It’s smaller than our previous place, but I think we’re actually going to like it more.  While I still haven’t gotten our electricity bill, the house seems more energy-efficient than the house in Lawton.  It stays at a comfortable temperature, while the living room in the house in Lawton was often cold in the winter.  Of course, I have no idea what this house is going to be like in the summer!

We’re almost done unpacking, so the piles of boxes have been shrinking.  I had to make another run to the dumpster to get rid of a car load of broken-down boxes last night, and that helped clear out the walkways in the house a lot!  Now we just have to start getting used to daily life in the new house.  I don’t think we’ve been doing a very good job of keeping up with laundry, but it should get better.  One of the problems with the laundry is that the dryer is outside in the storage shed; that makes it just that more inconvenient, and we’ve never been great at keeping up with laundry!

Lots of changes have taken place in my family’s lives over the last couple of months.  It is all the more interesting because I did not see any of it coming!  God really does look out for us, even when we think he isn’t!  I’m excited about life in Texas.  As I get more familiar with my job, I really think I’m going to like it, but that will have to wait for another post…