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Learning Python… Again…

Python LogoNow that the move is finished, I’ve decided to pick this back up. I started over in my book (Learn Python the Hard Way), and this time I am also using the videos on the Udemy website to try to keep me motivated. I think that I will come up with a project so that I have a goal in mind; otherwise I won’t practice outside of the book. Good luck to me! ­čÖé

Attempting to Learn Python

After a failed attempt in the past (RealBasic anyone?), I’m going to try to learn some computer programming. I’ve decided to try my hand at Python. I’m going through a book I found online, Learning Python the Hard Way. ┬áSo far, I’m on Chapter 14 (out of 52). ┬áWish me luck!

I have to say, RealBasic was not difficult. ┬áThe problem was that it was proprietary, and I couldn’t really afford to keep my license current. ┬áPlus, I switched from wanting to use a Mac to Linux, so I was going to have to switch my license…

Python is free, and it works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. ┬áSo that’s awesome. ┬áThat means that I’ll be able to keep up with the evolving technology without investing money every year or so.